More Ammunition for Us

Final version of Paper of Osamu Ide

November 7, 2015

Many thanks, I posted it on the blog.”

Oh, well done, somebody managed to find the spelling mistake! But the remainder is still nonsense. Is that really exactly what Ide presented? We do hope so, because that will make the RSC look very bad and it already has one strike against it: recommending Ron for a Civil List pension. Perhaps it was simply duped: it is a common trick to present loony papers at the ‘wrong’ sort of conference. Did it not know that Seike wrote a book which explained how John Searl’s never-seen generator could also levitate?  Did it not know that Edwin Gray is best known for defrauding Bing Crosby? ‘Experts’ told the Crosby Research Institute that Gray’s ‘over-unity’ contraption would, “alter the future concepts of energy use”. Yeah, right, that was in 1973. Sing it Bing, “where the blue [of the dollar bill] meets the gold of the [false dawn of perpetual motion], scam-artists wait for me … dumb dumb dumb”.  And for those who do not ‘get’ the allusion:


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