Strange Omission

O(3) Electrodynamics and ECE in the Older Type Literature

November 8, 2015

With reference to the Omnia Opera and UFT sections there are many items in the older type literature, which consisted of book and journal publishing. Notable among these is:

M .W. Evans and S. Kielich (Eds), “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, part of the “Advances in Chemical Physics” series edited by the Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine (Free University of Brussels) and Stuart Rice (University of Chicago) (Wiley Interscience, New York 1992, reprinted 1992, softback 1997, second edition 2001, hardback. softback, e book), two editions and six volumes hardback, softback and e book. This has sold thousands of copies and is still selling, so I am still getting royalties after twenty three years. The second edition, (ACP vol. 119) contains two long reviews or short monographs of mine developing O(3) electrodynamics, and the first edition, ACP vol. 85, contains reviews on B(3).

The first edition of “Modern Nonlinear Optics” received a prize from the Polish Government. In the post Stalinist thaw, my supervisor Mansel Davies had brought the work of the great theoretical physicist Stanislaw Kielich to the attention of the then Faraday Society. The Kielich Institute in Poznan is named after him. Piekara and Kielich inferred the inverse Faraday effect which later led to the B(3) field, linked to photon mass in 1993 by another great theoretical physicist, Jean-Pierre Vigier. Both Kielich and Vigier immediately accepted the B(3) field, inferred at Cornell in November 1991. It is a pretty good bet that Vigier nominated B(3) for a Nobel Prize, and advised others to nominate. He was then an editor of “Physics Letters”. I have been told that my work (with many fine co workers of course, notably Horst Eckardt in the past eight years) has been nominated several times for a Nobel Prize. I have no reason to disbelieve this. The Civil List Pension is a higher honour than a Nobel Prize, because the former is awarded by a Head of State directly, the Nobel Prize is an academic honour and not a State honour. When the second edition first appeared in 2001 there were waves of shock horror because it contained a review on energy from spacetime. Now the latter is mainstream physics, and not before time because humankind badly needs a new source of energy.”

You seem to have forgotten that that volume contained a paper by ‘Dr’ (degree-mill bought) Thomas Bearden concerning his Motionless Electromagnetic Generator perpetual-motion machine. You must remember him. AIAS Fellow? Sometime co-author? C’mon, your entire gang wrote a paper explaining how it works. It was published in a journal edited by some loon who was eventually sacked for being too crackpot-friendly. Remember now? Well, perhaps in future you should remember to mention Bearden along with all the other scam-artists like Searl, Hill, Rossi and Ide. Or are you tacitly admitting that his MEG is rubbish? But, hey, that makes you and your group rubbish for supporting it. Of course, that issue of Modern Nonlinear Optics is not very popular; it received a blistering review on But it also got a 5-star review as well. What idiot thought that it was good? Oh, it was your lap-dog Penderghastly. He should be careful that he does not do himself an injury; spittle-licking and brown-nosing all at the same time!


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