Enough, enough!

Relation to Alexander Hamilton

November 9, 2015

Google “Alexander Hamilton genealogy” to findwww.famouskin.com, which is a very interesting site provided it is authentic. It looks pretty solid to me. I am related to Alexander Hamilton through his ancestor John Beaufort, who was descended from Trahaearn ap Gwgon ap Blegwrd ap Bleddyn ap Maenarch. I am descended from Cydifor ap Gwgon, Arglwydd Glyn Tawe, my own title. – Lord of Glyntawe and Gower. The site shows that Hamilton and I were and are related to Robert E Lee, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Charles Darwin, Meriwether Lewis, Hugh Mercer, George Patton, John Quincy Adams, Orson Welles, Harper Lee, Jimmy Carter, Frank Lloyd Wright and many others. So this is a spectacular find. Alexander Hamilton was descended from James 1st of Scotland, son in law of John Beaufort. Henry VII, my ancestral cousin was the son of Edmund Tudor who married Margaret Beaufort, grand daughter of John Beaufort. So all these famous Americans descended from John Beaufort were descended from Beaufort’s ancestor Prince Bleddyn ap Maenarch, son in law of Tewdwr Mawr, so they were all Tudors.”

Everybody had already come to the conclusion that you are related to any and every given celebrity, Ron. Everybody is, given that “great men are necessarily evil men” (Lord Acton) and ‘like to put it about a bit’. And if, in addition, one skips from spear to distaff lines at will, it is quite difficult not to find a connection: it is notoriously difficult to avoid marrying a cousin of some remove. Have you ever considered hypnotic regression, Ron? It is nonsense, of course, but if you were a believer we have no doubt that you would find that not only are you related to the celebrities; you actually were those celebrities in a past life.

PS Did you know that that other believer in antigravity, the incompetent Eric Laithwaite, thought that the ghost of Faraday talked to him? Faraday would have hated people like you and Laithwaite: he said that he would put dogs above ‘table-turners’ (the big pseudoscience of his day).


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