The Opinions of ‘No Bubbles’ Jackson

ECE and Nuclear Physics

November 9, 2015

These are very interesting remarks, Michael Jackson may well be right. I believe that Douglas Lindstrom is doing the latest work in LENR and he can be consulted.The ECE papers on nuclear physics and LENR include the following.”

You do know that he is insane* don’t you Ron? He thinks that your ECE nonsense explains the human soul. He thinks that ‘big oil’ installed Einstein in the Bern patent office in order to undermine Tesla. He thinks that Cartan/Einstein supplied the Nazi party with scientific knowledge which later enabled them to build their famous anti-gravity machines. We know all that because he told Jeff ‘Rancid’ Rense that on the latter’s radio show. You were on the same show just a few weeks later and did not question those statements. To the onlooker therefore, it is very easy to credit you with the same beliefs. Our author-friend is going to have soooo much fun with that sort of thing.

*For those who would like to know what insanity looks like, here are some abstracts from the Jackson ‘paper’ which was posted on (it no longer appears to be readable from there):

Spin Connection Resonance of ECE theory provides an explanation for the persistence of human consciousness beyond biological and temporal limits. Consciousness is a feature of space-time torsion geometry. Spin Connection Resonance defies the ordinary laws of entropy, and is the mechanism behind diverse phenomena in the spiritual realm. By quantifying the physics of the human soul, a new aspect of reality is unveiled, for the benefit of mankind.

The communication link shows why extraterrestrials with large brains are not concerned with bodily death. Their large, triple brains, have full communication with the soul, whereas double brain humans, have limited communication. The small brains of humans do not permit data retrieval from the soul realm, only data storage into the soul. However, humans can change that, simply by understanding the physics of the communication link.

At biological death, the human core fractal disconnects from the defective soul, which causes the incompatible soul to loose [sic] it’s [sic] spin connection resonance energy source. The disconnected soul loses energy and dissipates as it no longer has the torsion of the main structure, an essential element for continuation. It’s [sic] separation and dissolution is the experience of “hell”, as intended by the Creator. Entering “Hell” is apparent to those individuals at death.

The ultimate source of creation, is the eight Evans Equations, which are the self-generating framework of the universe. The notion of a “Creator” is just a higher order space-time resonance, which is still subordinate to the framework of the eight Evans Equations.

No matter what the immediate results of this crop are, earth will eventually reap another harvest of completed souls. In regards to the outcome of this crop, the satanists, in charge of Earth, will never allow mankind to learn the nature of the soul. The satanists have known this secret for centuries, and that is their ONLY strength. The satanists destroy the pineal gland by adding fluoride, and mercury, to water and food, which makes direct soul experience difficult. The satanists do all they can to reduce health, longevity, intelligence, free will, contact with nature, and finding truth and meaning in life.

Humans have been contacted by extraterrestrials, and shown a picture of the human body. The ETs then asked the humans: “where is the soul?”. The humans mistakenly thought the ETs were trying to discover the human soul, but it was actually a test to gauge the development of the human race. In nearly every case, we humans have disappointed them.


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