D’Cruze Missile

Flaws in the Planck Theory

November 11, 2015

I fully support Stephen Crothers’ views as a Civil List Pensioner appointed directly by the Head of State, Queen Elizabeth II. I am quite sure that the Queen would not approve of such disgusting language used as a substitute for scientific debate, which should be calm and based on reason. My co authors and I have uncovered many flaws in the Planck theory in the Evans / Morris papers, now being read about twelve thousand times a year by the best in the world (UFT278 – 280, 289 -291, 300 – 304, 304 – 312)”

A bright student slaps down an Australian crank. Where is the problem? There can be no ‘scientific debate’ with the lunatic fringe. As for royalty, surely a genealogist knows that monarchs are descended from the most violent thugs of earlier times; the latters’ only interest in ‘science’ was to demand better weapons. By the way, we suspect that the Crothers-d’Cruze exchange will lead to a peak in website visits from Manchester University. Will you be counting those as support for your nonsense-theories?    


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