Parallel World

Microsoft Quantum Simulator

November 11, 2015

Many thanks, maybe Horst will be interested in this if it produces anything more than Maxima. We are currently making great progress in this area.”

Hey, why not ask your former employer, ‘Professor’ Fucilla, for help? He founded a company called Steriwave Quantum Computer Ltd long ago. It has not filed returns for 4 years, but it still exists (unlike his antigravity company)


2 Responses to “Parallel World”

  1. Dirac Equation Says:

    Neither Dr Evans nor his factotum appear to have spotted that this is not a ‘quantum simulator’, a computer program simulating quantum interactions, but an experimental protocol for the operation OF A QUANTUM COMPUTER. It’s not going to do them much good unless they have access to one, which is unlikely given that they don’t exist.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Of course, in the ‘spooky’ world of QM there are some who claim that one does not actually have to build one: merely planning to might be enough. We often think of the late mad philosopher, Feyerabend: writing anti-QM drivel on a word-processor whose operation depended upon the truth of QM!

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