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The Range of ECE Theory

November 12, 2015

Agreed with Gareth, being a unified field theory, and using some imagination, it is able to describe all of Baconian physics, experimental data that are repeatable and reproducible, in terms of well known Cartan geometry”

It has been twisted so as to fit existing data. Where are the new, confirmatory, experimental data?

Impact of the Scientometrics

November 12, 2015

The scientometrics are themselves making a major impact on modern physics, currently being read 9,052 times a year off combined sites. Keywords “scientometrics ECE” brings them as the top six sites on the first page of Google. “Collected Scientometrics” has been published in 2015 as a softback this year by New Generation Publishing in London and is available at the National Library of Wales and British Library.”

‘Readings’ of the ludicrous ‘scientometrics’ are clearly as meaningless as the scientometrics themselves. Why is ECE never commented upon, or used, by non gang-members? If citation is not important, why do you do it? The book version has been savaged on Amazon, and everyone agrees with the bad review.

Top Ten Items in November 2015

November 12, 2015

These are as follows and have all been firm favourites for years. These are the first ten in the feedback list. The daily reports are made up of items scattered all over the feedback and added up, so they result in a different ordering.”

Never referenced in the real world, or referenced only by your gang.

Kerry Pendergast’s Biography of Yours Truly

November 12, 2015

This comes up as the first site on the first page of google with keywords “Kerry Pendergast”, so again it is making a very big impact. It is called “The Life of Myron Evans” and available from Cambridge International Science Publishing in hardback. The award to AIAS Fellow Kerry Pendergast of the Hauksbee Medal of the Royal Society also comes up on the first page of google.”

Two bad reviews on Amazon. The book itself again is cited only by gang-members. Penderghastly’s arguing with the reviewer reveals him to be a petulant ignoramus. Who knew? The fact that the Royal Society rewarded an anti-science science-teacher and crank is another travesty and reflects the overall dumbing-down of British science and education.

Note from AIAS Co President Gareth Evans

November 12, 2015

Many thanks and deeply appreciated. Gareth and I were both students of Mansel Davies at the EDCL in Aberystwyth in the seventies, and continued with science after the EDCL was closed by a less than imaginative administration.”

Did all of his students turn out to be loonies?


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