Declaration of War

The Wikipedia Troll Site

November 14, 2015

This site set out to defame and misrepresent, but by now all referrals from it have ceased. It was initiated by political activist Akhlesh Lakhtakia who was identified by our feedback software as sending abusive e mail to myself and impersonating arXiv staff. He was sacked from wikipedia. This is the kind of thing that was aimed at destabilizing and misrepresenting ECE science in its early stages. After a fierce battle, wikipedia removed its gross defamation of myself, and it is well known that wikipedia is in deep financial trouble.”

As we have mentioned several times, a forthcoming book on the topic of pseudoscience in universities and ‘high-tech’ companies will contain a chapter on Ron. He will thereby finally be brought to public notice and ridicule. We are supplying the author with as many of Ron’s scientific misdeeds as possible. If any of our readers know of any embarrassing facts from Ron’s youth – and have proof of them* – we shall pass them onto the author.

*A sworn affidavit would do, according to the writer’s legal advisor. 


4 Responses to “Declaration of War”

  1. Onlooker Says:

    Crackpotwatch you keep saying that this book will soon expose Moron. When will that be? I will probably buy one myself and buy one to donate to the reference section of the Library at Clydach Swansea – the Library used by many of Moron’s neighbours and fellow villagers. So when is this book coming available and where and at what cost? I will also suggest it as a must buy to all the villagers at Craigcefnparc Swansea that Moron has upset in his attempt at false land grabbing! Christmas is coming and we need the book soon. So when, where and how much?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      It is apparently due to appear next year. The author is obsessive about detail and accuracy (it would never do for such a book to contain mistakes). It will probably be relatively expensive, as it is aimed at academics … and they can persuade their university to pay for it. On the other hand, ‘bearding Ron in his local den’ is such a good cause that a proof-copy might well make its way to the local library ‘for review and comment’ 😉

  2. Markus Says:

    That is a book I eagerly look forward to reading. Please do keep us informed as to when the book will be available online for purchase.

    • AuthorAuthor! Says:

      There is a surprising number of deluded academics ‘out there’. You may be disappointed to find that Evans rates only a few pages in my book: it is not an in-depth biography. That may come later.

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