Utterly Despicable

Act of War

November 14, 2015

I agree with the French Government that the terrorist attack on Paris is an act of war, so under the Geneva Convention France is entitled to use all the weapons at its disposal in a retaliatory response, including battlefield nuclear weapons used away from civilian areas and aimed at terrorist camps. Under emergency powers all suspected terrorists could be interred, and suspects rounded up, as in wartime. Similarly every other country subjected to terrorism is entitled to such a response. Civilians should identify and report trolling sites suspected of disseminating disinformation, for example against prominent scientists. Anti terrorist laws should be used against such sites, and also the carriers of such sites. The Channel Tunnel should be sealed and defended as in wartime and all non essential civilian traffic through international airports severely curtailed.

cc Prime Minister’s Office, Gower MP and Labour Opposition,
Police Commissioner Wales”

We are sure that the Prime Minister will know what to make of a tiresome nonentity who parlays a national tragedy into prattle about his own personal obsessions. The PM might even have some minion check on why HM Government is giving money to such a clown. You are not a ‘prominent scientist’, Ron, and being critical of utter pseudoscience is a public service. We, on the other hand, view those who hold moronic opinions in the face of all logic and experimental evidence to be in the same ball-park as actual terrorists. A lot of pseudoscience is in fact linked to criminality.  It is strange, is it not, that groundless belief causes far more harm than provable fact. One sees this in kindergartens; one child has a silly misconception which it obviously cannot support with proof, other kids laugh … and the first kid lashes out. Grow up, Ron!


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