Outrageous Fortune

Civil List Pension (2009) for the author Bernard Kops

November 16, 2015

This has been announced on the net, and it is interesting in that the announcement correctly describes the Pension as an appointment and a rare or high honour made by the Head of State, Elizabeth II, after taking advice from the Prime Minister. On the Parliamentary site it is made clear that the Civil List Pension is awarded personally by the Head of State from the Civil List, which is voted in by Parliament. After the Queen selects the list of new Pensioners each year it is placed before Parliament and lists of Civil List Pensioners are kept in the Parliamentary Library. They can therefore be obtained by the general public by requesting an M. P. or making an appointment to use the Library of Parliament assuming that this is open to the general public.”

Thank you for reminding us of the names of the guilty parties. There are many who think that Blair is a war-criminal and should be brought to book for starting an illegal war. We think that recommending you for the pension was far more heinous. One of the pieces of evidence in that notorious dossier which he cited was an article from Jane’s Defense Weekly. The tragicomedy of that will not be obvious to many people: Fred Jane was not some sort of engineering expert, as most people assume, but a prolific (and not very good – but popular) illustrator who also wrote science-fiction stories about 5-second trips to Venus*. He was also decidedly flaky in general. The dubious expertise of Jane lives on in spirit: it was one of  Jane’s leading aviation experts (again with no technical qualifications or background) who wrote that silly book (The Hunt for Zero Point) about secret/suppressed antigravity research – which manages to name-check most of the cranks in that field … except Ron. By the way, Ron, you do not seem to know what the delta-function looks like. Likening your ‘success’ to it means that you are calling your success a ‘blip’. We would have to say that it unfortunately looks more like the Heaviside function. Check it out in one of those old textbooks on your shelf.

*Yes, we know that it was supposed to be a satire.


2 Responses to “Outrageous Fortune”

  1. Onlooker Says:

    Apologies – news off subject – Moron’s latest Flag bedecking his two up two down Cottage University is wrecked in tatters – again – like the last one. Reason -this so called “Pseudo Scientist” cannot estimate the effect of strong winds on a thin cheap large fabric Flag flapping up continuously against a chimney structure. Anyway, this has relieved passing horse riders as the sudden flapping in wind gusts used to upset the horses into terror which caused danger to the riders at a road junction next to the land that land grabber Moron falsely claims as part of his ancestral estate. Sorry if this is – off subject, but what says you readers?

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