All Talk

Arrests of Talk Talk Hackers

November 18, 2015

In a letter from CEO Dido Harding to all Talk Talk customers it has been revealed that several arrests have been made in the hacking case by the Metropolitan Police. The CEO also arranged for a new router which was installed for me by a specialist engineer, and the exchange problem has been righted. I get hundreds of hacking attempts every month as a prominent scientist but they are easily recognizable as fraudulent. They may easily catch a less experienced person. In my opinion arrests should be made of known trolls, the police have the evidence and names. Trolling is in many senses a worse crime than hacking, and after the Paris bombings trolls should come under anti terrorist laws.”

a) We doubt very much that Lady Harding arranged that personally. 

b) Any engineer who works for them is a specialist, by definition. You did not get the company’s chief trouble-shooter.

c) Everybody with an e-mail account is subjected to fraud attempts. You are not singled out for that attention, any more than the small percentage of ‘academic’ hits on your web-site signal interest in your pseudoscience.

d) If you cannot stand the heat, why not get out of the kitchen?

NB Did you know that your ‘friend’, the good Baroness, is a keen horsewoman? Perhaps you should tone-down your opinion of the local ‘horsey set’. 



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