Life of Pi for Deadheads

Erratum found by computer algebra: Factor of pi

November 20, 2015

In all occurrences of the H atom energy levels in recent papers there is a typographical error, it should be

<H0> = – (m c squared / pi) (lambda sub C / a sub 0) (alpha / n squared)

i.e. a factor pi was missing in the denominator. I will fix this typo in all affected papers and send for reposting. The typo does not affect the physics.”

And which value of pi will you be using? As you have pointed out,

Mathis has disproved General Relativity just as convincingly as you have. But Mathis has also proved that pi = 4

So what are you going to do? Admit that Mathis is wrong on one count? Or admit that both of you are pig-ignorant mathematics-wise … and/or just insane (yes, do please post that letter again – and show the date this time).

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