Gratifying … To Us!

Osamu Ide’s Self Charging Inverter Read at the Royal Society of Chemistry

November 21, 2015

This is an important paper in my opinion because it brings in a new era, AIAS Fellow Stephen Bannister’s “Second Industrial Revolution”, in which he estimates in his Ph. D. Thesis that 40% of economic expenditure around the world currently spent on fossil fuel will be freed up for other uses, hopefully peaceful, cultural and productive. Steve is a faculty member in the Department of Economics of the University of Utah, in which low energy nuclear reactions were discovered. LENR is another major new source of energy. The SCI paper on should be read with UFT311 by Eckardt and Arenhold, and UFT321 by Eckardt and Lindstrom. UFT311 verifies ECE theory experimentally in precise detail, using the revolutionary self charging inverter circuit by Osamu Ide. This circuits traps and utilizes energy from spacetime, an infinite and clean source of energy.”

We are glad to learn of this because we constantly keep the RSC abreast of the activities of its ‘loose canon’ (not that you are even a member of the RSC) and we have been bombarding the society particularly heavily lately over the Ide fiasco. Perhaps the RSC can now be persuaded to lobby the PM over arranging the first-ever removal of a Civil List pension. You are already linked to two notorious perpetual-motion scam-artists: all of this criminal activity will bring down not only you but also Siemens Stain and Bannister: one of the breed that almost wrecked the entire World economy due to their not spotting the ‘bubble’ known as sub-prime mortgages.  


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