Worthless Then, Worthless Now

Update on My conventional h index and total citations

November 22, 2015

This is the old system, now made thoroughly obsolete by my new and well known scientometrics method. My h index has to be calculated manually from Google Scholar because there are many people called M. W. Evans, and I have published as M. W. Evans, Myron Evans and Myron W Evans. My h index is currently 35, with an estimated seven or eight thousand total citations.”

It is now clear that your ‘conventional’ scientometrics were just as contrived as the current ridiculous web-hit method. You have always padded your papers with an inordinate number of references to earlier work by yourself. We are gradually wading through the hundreds of papers in your ‘opera’ and our analysis does not make good reading.   We noted long ago that the paper which you consider to be the most ‘influential’ has hardly been cited at all. Your crackpot, post-breakdown, ‘work’ is not referenced by anybody at all who counts.


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