Big Deal

Patents on LENR Both Sides of the Atlantic

November 24, 2015

Many thanks indeed to Alex Hill! This is indeed a historic occasion, so Doug Lindstrom can apply his latest theory with information from these patents. ECE is the only theory that can explain LENR within the framework of a unified field theory.”

So what? The ludicrous Emdrive reactionless propulsion device is based upon a granted patent. It still will not work. Oh, are you suffering under the misapprehension that Patent-Office examiners are scientific experts? Then how do you explain the fact that the notorious crackpots, Thomas Valone and Paul LaViolette have been PO examiners? Not to mention Harold Aspden, who was IBM’s ‘head of patents’ for Europe but had a finger in every loony pie and conned at least £75000 out of HM Government to ‘develop’ a motor which supposedly produced more energy than it used. And why is Hill-of-Beans so pleased? If he is already successfully selling another form of perpetual motion machine (LOL), why would he welcome competition?   


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