Call for Anti-Crackpot Laws

New Anti Hacking Laws

November 27, 2015

It has been brought to my attention that hackers who have been in prison are often hired by companies to do their hacking work for them, and paid very highly. I think that both Congress and Parliament should bring in sweeping anti terrorist legislation to make sure that any hacker with a criminal record be banned from the internet for life. Similarly sweeping new anti terrorist legislation is needed against troll sites and their carriers. This would allow a troll site to be removed entirely and both trolls and carriers charged.”

We live in a technology-based, and therefore science-based, society. It is important that young students should be ‘brought up to speed’ as quickly as possible, ‘lest the machine stop’, and inculcated with the best-established laws of physics. The internet was expected to help with that, but it has turned out to be a disaster: even before starting formal education, young people are prey to thousands of cranks and their worthless ideas via seductive sites such as YouTube. Even the bright child who can ‘see though’ the twaddle of the ‘free energy’ and UFO-style levitation sites, will be helpless when ‘groomed’ by those having genuine academic qualifications and who are perhaps even employees of bona fide high-tech companies. We therefore call for the immediate removal of the Telesio-Galilei, Searl, Cheniere and AIAS websites; just for starters. It would be nice to start a petition to that effect, but it has already been demonstrated that the internet is so loony-friendly that it is easy to suppress anyone who questions it.


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