Whose Point are you Trying to Prove?

E Index of Louis de Broglie

November 27, 2015

His E index is 24,937.2, A = 138.54, B = 180, h = 37. This compares with my E = 213,235, A = 130.18, B = 1638, h = 39. He was Prince Louis Victor Pierre Raymond, 7th Duke de Broglie, with whom my co author Vigier worked for many years in the Institut Henri Poincare in Paris. Louis de Broglie and Vigier are obvious influences on my work, the former from undergraduate days (wave particle dualism), the latter from 1993 onwards.”

What is the point of belaboring the scientometrics (of any type) with regard to famous scientists? It is clear that there is little connection between any of these ratings and fame. Look at the top-rated ‘scientist’, Freud, whose reputation is built entirely upon the collection of anecdotes and unsubstantiated waffle. Did you know that he was also a crank (and drug-addict)? His view of the universe was based upon numerology and prime numbers and he often holed-up with Merck (of the great German chemical company) for drug-taking sessions. Are you not going to mention Tesla; ‘the Einstein for loonies’? The morons of the ‘disinformation superhighway’ have made him very famous, but he never wrote a single scientific paper that was worthy of the term.  We can certainly see the influence of Vigier on your ‘work’; whatever he did that was worthwhile earlier in life, it is clear that he succumbed to some sort of dementia and ended up attending crackpot conferences on an equal footing with your friend, the perpetual-motion fraudster  John Searl. 


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