We Can All See What You Are Doing, Ron

Summary to Date of Some E Indices

November 28, 2015

I devised the E index to be AB, where A is the average number of citations per paper of the h index papers, and B the total number of publications of a scientist. So E is a measure of the life output of an imaginative and productive scientist. The Hirsch or h index is the number n of papers cited n or more times.”

Ron has clearly acknowledged that we are correct concerning the meaningless of his website-hit ‘scientometrics’ and has now devised an even more dubious benchmark. This is to take the average number of citations of the papers of his which were properly refereed and published in real journals, and to multiply that average by the total number of papers; even though the many later papers were never published because they would have been rejected by a sane editor. This is rather like a keen runner, who always rejoiced in keeping track of the total number of miles covered, carrying on totaling the miles, even though he has been paralyzed for the past twenty years, by multiplying his previous average by the number of days since he was struck down. It is, like website-hit statistics, totally meaningless and calculatingly contrived to make a no-hoper look good.  


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