On the Other Hand …

Difference between People and Government

December 1, 2015

I emphasize once again that the Nazi regime was in the habit of mistreating their own German population as brutally as anyone else. Everyone knows this, or ought to. Outspoken people or socialists and communists would be just sent off to a concentration camp overnight.”

On the other hand, pseudoscience flourished under Hitler. The best (Jewish) physicists had fled (and eventually worked on the Manhatten Project) while many other good ones were used as ordinary troops. Meanwhile, crackpots were set to work on proving that Aryans came from Tibet and on expanding Hoerbiger’s Welteislehre. Hitler was against the atom bomb, according to Speer, because a) Hitler, like many modern sciolists, thought that it was based only upon Einstein’s theory of relativity (rather than upon the discovery of an Austrian woman), and relativity was outlawed as being ‘Jewish science’ (a diatribe to that effect was even published by Nature magazine); b) if the atom bomb did work, Hitler was afraid that it would destroy the world before he had a chance to take it over. We are surprised, Ron, that you concentrate on the Zeeman Effect. Why not say something about the analogous Stark Effect? After all, Stark was the most rabidly anti-Einstein of all of the Nazi physicists and is therefore ‘your kind of people’. 


One Response to “On the Other Hand …”

  1. Onlooker Says:

    Off serious subject sorry – but neighbour news – Moron’s Flag has gone. It’s only him left “up the pole”.

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