Define “Book” and “Paper”

FOR POSTING: List of the Most Prolific Scientists of All Time

December 7, 2015

I have updated the list to include two prolific AIAS / UPITEC scientists, Horst Eckardt (about five hundred books and papers), and Douglas Lindstrom (about fifty books and papers).”

Having searched Amazon, Google-Books and Abebooks, we cannot get the count above 3 books for Siemens Stain and 1 book for Lindy; and even those are not monographs, but only chapters in your pernicious portmanteau potboilers. It is easy to spot those involving your HE, rather than some namesake, because only Siemens Stain’s ‘books’ are enthusiastically reviewed by your lapdog, Penderghastly, and awarded 5 stars. As for the combined total of books and papers, Google-Scholar returns only 181 hits altogether for “Horst Eckardt”. So these numerous works are presumably being published in some alternative universe that we wot not of. Why not dispel the confusion and list the works on your blog, together with the publisher’s name, publication date and price (in the case of books) or the journal name, ISSN and meta-details in the case of papers. Or could it be that you are using completely new definitions of ‘book’ and ‘paper’. 

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