Straw Man

FOR POSTING: List of the Most Prolific Scientists of All Time

December 7, 2015

As an Oxford man I am quite prepared to believe that anything can go on at the other place (Cambridge), including drilling holes by laser prior to the boat race. All good fun. I am really an EDCL man, Room 262.”

You are not an ‘Oxford man’ Ron; you did not graduate from there, and visiting for a short time does not traditionally permit you to claim that. Neither are you a ‘Cornell man’, as you sometimes claim, for the same reason. Neither are you an Honorary Fellow of Lancaster, as you blatantly and dishonestly claimed some months ago. You are a graduate of Aberystwyth, and we suspect that it awarded you that DSc only in order to get rid of you faster. As for Room 262, we think that you are more deserving of an Orwellian Room 101.   


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