Master Class

Nobel Prize “for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows tha…

December 11, 2015

UFT20 gives an ECE theory of neutrino oscillations. This prize was awarded for a sixty or seventy year old theory. Most leading intellectuals have taken up ECE and discard the Nobel Prize now as essentially meaningless. So I decided to have some satirical fun with it as in my recent missive on the most productive scientists in history, led by yours truly with 1,638 publications compared with Peter Higgs at 20. So I have a higgsino factor of 81.9, or worthy of 81.9 Nobel Prizes. Higgs’ theory is shredded in many ways in the UFT papers, notably UFT225 which refutes the electroweak sector. It has been long known that the Higgs theory is refuted by the fact that zero photon mass means an unphysical E(2) little group of the Poincare group.”

Ron: as you seem to be incapable of comprehending the huge gulf that lies (a double-entendre?) between your (self-validating) approach and real scientific research, and as you ignore all of the myriad checks and balances that have to be made before someone’s work qualifies for a Nobel prize, you might like to read this:

Don’t worry, it is open-access, so your lack of a university library account will not prevent you from reading it. Enjoy!





3 Responses to “Master Class”

  1. Bystander Says:

    I phoned the Royal Society of Chemistry this past week and I asked to speak to the President’s Secretary (not the man himself). I was sure I’d get that close. I was asked what it concerned and was told the President of the RSC does not have a Secretary.
    The conversation got very edgy when I said I wanted to discuss Moron. So they said I could leave a message with a member of staff. I was then connected to a delightful young lady who said she was a very recently employed junior clerk, and despite being charming, she new nothing about Moron and did not understand any of the serious issues that totally surround Moron. Quack cancer cures. Perpetual motion machine marketing. Bringing the Queen and the Palace into disrepute. Profiting from books of nonsense. Deluded local politics. Misleading students with quack science. False land claims. The list is endless since childhood! It is blatantly obvious that the RSC will not discuss Moron and they just close ranks to conceal their utter idiocy in nominating Moron for a Queen’s Civil List Award. They must be publicly exposed. The sooner the better.
    Crackpotwatch please tell us in the real world out here – WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT MORON?

  2. Bystander Says:

    To Crackpotwatch from Bystander – I know you read your Blog because it is your Blog. .

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Note for the person, claiming to be ‘Bystander’, who made a rather unhinged and out-of-character comment which began as above: in the interests of openmindedness, we shall be pleased to post that comment in full IF it is sent again from your usual IPA. We shall otherwise assume it to be a fake.

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