Statement of Fact

Physics in Turmoil

December 15, 2015

As a result of the refusal of dogmatists to accept clear refutations of the standard model the world of physics is in turmoil. The vast readership of AIAS / UPITEC rejects the dogma as it is taught. This rejection takes place among the best in the world and the luddites stand no chance of stopping the march of ideas.”

Physics is not in turmoil. There has been no major innovation for nearly 100 years and most experimental physicists spend their time delving into the minutiae of what is already known (New Journal of Physics is a good [open-access] guide to the breadth of what physicists actually do). Only theoretical physicists and cranks think up rather unlikely models to explain apparent paradoxes: e.g. the ‘many-worlds’ explication of quantum paradoxes must be the silliest solution ever devised.  The cranks are nevertheless rejected by reputable journals and so they have to go to fake ones such as Journal of Nuclear Physics (a front for the dodgy Rossi) and Progress in Physics. It is a scandal in itself that loonies have been allowed to purloin such respectable titles. This situation is very confusing for physics laymen who, in our opinion, include electrical engineers, schoolteachers and journalists … but it is a boon to cranks such as Ron. It would be nice to be able to ignore perpetual-motion and antigravity loonies, as one did in the past, but simple-minded people (e.g. politicians) are too easily impressed by the glossy fronts that the internet makes possible and the lunatic fringe is now stealing real funding: the UK Government and its quangos have alone given £75000 to Harold Aspden to develop a perpetual-motion machine, £39000 to John Searl’s  brother to market (sic) a ‘magnetic motor’ and a reputed £250000 to Roger Shawyer to develop his Emdrive antigravity machine.


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