Will the Irony Never End?

Closing Coal Mines is a Big Mistake

December 18, 2015

This mentality was brought about by an assault on South Wales by the politically very hostile thatcherite regime. This is now known to have been very corrupt, and it essentially destroyed British industry. The present tory regime is committed to insane austerity, which might well catalyze a general strike.”

In order to shut down the UK’s coal mines, Mrs Thatcher used – as a hatchet-man – a Scottish-American businessman. Now, Ron, you have often argued that ‘new energy’ (perpetual motion) will avoid people having to risk their lives in mining operations in the future. Here is the irony, Ron, Thatcher’s hatchet-man was also a believer in perpetual-motion; he was your sort of people! He was in fact part of a triumvirate of loonies, the others being a very senior Navy official who was convinced that British warships could be powered by water, and a rather sinister American political fixer (also hired by Thatcher to undermine CND using dirty tricks) who had applied for a patent on an antigravity machine.  Most scientists are rather naive, in that they believe that pseudoscience consists only of telepathy, homoeopathy, etc., afflicts only its victims and can be easily contained. We, on the other hand, know that pseudoscience is rife and infects ‘captains of industry’; thus damaging everyone’s interests.


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