Einstein Wins Again

Cell phones and brain cancer

December 22, 2015

Agreed with Stephen Crothers, corporate power would cover up hell if it could, but in the immortal words of Clouseau, my hand is on fire.”

Hey Ron, why don’t you tell the troll, Crothers, to tell that ‘celebrity surgeon’ that Einstein explained that electromagnetic radiation is made up of discrete packets of energy (photons) equal to the wave-frequency multiplied by Planck’s constant. Photo-emission is therefore possible only for photons having energies greater than the ionization threshold (about 5eV for metals). That is in the ultra-violet region of the spectrum. Ultra-violet radiation, to which people rush to expose themselves,  can create mutant strands of DNA that lead to horrific skin cancers (especially in countries such as Australia). Microwave photons from cell phones have energies which are about 1,000,000 times too low to create mutant strands of DNA. Why don’t you tell the thickos that? Oh, you did not know it yourself? Well, that is understandable, you are not a physicist: you are just a chemist who has picked up a bit of physics jargon. 


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