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January 30, 2016

Stats came through, will report tomorrow

January 30, 2016

The fourteen year record for gigabytes downloaded or printed pages, will be completely shattered, and we will get close to record highs for hits, distinct visits and page views.”

Sources such as Google Scholar and Scopus show of course that this ‘success’ is illusory because there is zero interest in citing the drivel. There are no longer any new citations even by Ron himself (which previously accounted for 99% of them) because he cannot get published even in well-known loony journals such as Progress in Physics … and his own journal failed ignominiously (apparently also alienating its publisher into the bargain).  Some time ago we set up (with Ron’s inadvertent aid) our own system for monitoring his ‘impact’; not only upon the scientific world as a whole, but also upon his own moronic sputniks. This subtle monitoring method is churning away quietly  in the background and, every day that passes, it becomes a greater potential embarrassment to Ron. When he finally detects it, or we divulge it, his complete isolation and irrelevance will be made glaringly obvious.


What Next?

January 29, 2016

Vacuum Propulsion

January 29, 2016

Agreed, a vacuum propulsion system would be interesting for aircraft and spacecraft when fossil fuel is exhausted. At present people are merrily using tons of fuel to go to a beach to do nothing, and cities are choked with cars.”

So, Ron, you are back on the antigravity (reactionless propulsion) bandwagon. Let’s see now; that means that you have ticked just about every box which is expected for a career loony-tune. You have ticked perpetual-motion (LENR, Searl, Bedini, Johnson, Bessler, etc.), antigravity (Searl, Kellum, etc.) and miracle cancer-cures (Priore). Where is the death-ray? That would really tick the last box, or are you afraid of unwelcome comparisons being made between yourself and Grindell-Matthews? Just for the record, there is another characteristic feature that marks you (and your gang) as being several suits short of a full deck. And that is your worship of Tesla. Despite all of the efforts of the Tesla Society, the ignoramuses of the Internet and his home country, historians of science and technology know of Tesla only as a loud-mouthed showman who tried to steal credit for every new invention, who made no real discoveries and who disintegrated (due to endemic mental illness) to such an extent that all that he could do in the end was tell fanciful lies, to investors and journalists, about free-energy and death-rays. The bottom line is that anyone who cites Tesla as being a scientist, as having anything to offer and is anything more than derogatory about that petty conman, outs himself immediately as being of the same ilk. You and your crackpot followers tick every box in that regard as well. 


January 28, 2016

Attempts to Stop Stephen Crothers Speaking

January 28, 2016

This is attempted censorship at work again, it cannot succeed, because Steve’s work is famous throughout the world of science. He has consistently and comprehensively out argued the dogmatists. Big bang and black hole theory are based on zero torsion, and are mathematical nonsense. The dogma of Einsteinian general relativity is being rejected by the best minds as it is taught, in all the best universities in the world.”

His ‘work’ consists merely of parading, again and again, his inability to understand the simplest solution of Einstein’s formulation of General Relativity. That is not ‘out-arguing’; that is merely the same as a child throwing a temper-tantrum in the hope that the adults will give in. Nobody cites your rubbish-papers either Ron. And if the E-Crap-E theory is being taught, where is the evidence? Why can you not name any of these ‘best minds’? Face the facts Ron: you are just a run-of-the-mill crank who is surrounded by other incompetent would-be physicists. The whole bunch of you are an insult to the concept of scientific research, and an embarrassing indictment of the poor judgement of British scientific societies. The only amusing aspect is to be found in those Russian instructions for applying for a visa: if ‘Sam Spade’ Crothers has no relevant affiliation (who on Earth would have him, even as a porter … or for a bet?) he is asked to insert ‘housekeeper’. We think that that would be far too exalted a position for someone of his intellect, and might raise suspicions!

Many a True Word Spoken in … Arrogance

January 26, 2016

Importance of the Archives

January 26, 2016

The supreme importance of the archives is that without them I have never existed, like Trotsky.”

Yes indeedy; we have pointed out before that you – and your so-called success – are mere excrescences of the internet, which has become a haven for the lunatic fringe in general. Still, drink to your success  … while it lasts. Do you want ice with that?


January 22, 2016

Heat from LENR

January 21, 2016

OK many thanks, agreed about conventional nuclear fusion, it is a nonsensical waste of money, and very dangerous. I have been against nuclear power all my life, here in Wales it has caused thousands of deaths from cancer, and the lid has been blown off the cover up.”

In what sense is (hot) fusion dangerous, Ron? If a fusion reactor were as easy to build as a fusion (hydrogen) bomb, the problem would have been solved decades ago. Afraid of the nuclear waste? The ‘waste’ is helium, of which there is currently a world-wide shortage. Perhaps you should not pontificate on things about which you know nothing. We would enjoy the deafening silence.

Agreed with Gareth ‘the Sewage’ Evans

January 22, 2016

Energy in Spacetime

January 22, 2016

Agreed with Gareth, in the latest work the mass of the fundamental vacuum particle has been calculated from the g factor of the electron, which is found by spectroscopy to very high precision.”

Yes, this is now indeed “a ridiculous level of maintained interest”; one of the many signs that it is not real, and is a delusion born of a meaningless form of response-rating. Given the rather unnatural lickspittle relationship between Ron and Sewage, and the latter’s eagerness to please, it is hard to believe that Sewage was the ‘science officer’ for a County Council. 

Funny, Because it is Untrue

January 22, 2016

Link to Osamu Ide Video on

January 20, 2016

Many thanks indeed!”

The document which Ide is seen brandishing near to the end of the video is Japanese Patent No. 5587691. There is also an English-language version, US Patent 8873262. These were both granted. They were granted because the applications made no claim that the device produced more energy than it consumed. Patent examiners are not the brightest people in the world, but they do not grant patents on perpetual-motion machines*. So, Ide is playing the same con-trick which he has been playing for many years (and which his hero, Edwin Gray, played before him): he obtains a patent on an unsurprising device, or pens a mundane scientific paper about the geegaw, and then tells the suckers/investors that it is a net source of energy. All that he has to do then is to add a demonstration, using meters which are unable to monitor the spiky output properly, and the stage is set to sucker the layman. 

*They are not so good at spotting inventions which produce movement-from-nowhere. That is why the Emdrive patent was granted, and how the UK Government was persuaded to fund an impossible invention.

The Bounder in Science

January 18, 2016

The Bouncer in Cricket

January 18, 2016

This can be seen on “youtube cricket bouncer” via google. It is probably the most vicious thing in all sport apart from the short arm tackle in rugby, the latter is banned.”

According to various dictionaries, a bounder is:

“One who doesn’t know his place. One whose ambition leads him to step out of line or exceed his proper social standing.”

“A dishonourable man; a cad. A social climber.”

“an obtrusive, ill-bred person.”

Bowled you a googly there, Ron!





January 18, 2016

Archiving on the Wayback Machine

January 17, 2016

If anyone of this group wishes to archive and they are welcome, everything that goes is automatically archived permanently, both sides of the Atlantic.”

Yet again, we reiterate that this is a wonderful resource: most pseudoscientists hide their online mistakes, but Ron is so arrogant that he truly believes that his drivel is worth preserving. Look at this, for example,

Daily Report 29/12/14

December 31, 2014

There were 5,429 files downloaded from 472 reading sessions, many due to the Rense Radio broadcast of 29/12/14 Pacific time, 30/12/14 GMT.”

Who on Earth would think that attention from Rense fans was a good thing? Have you seen the output of that disgusting anti-semitic holocaust-denying conspiracy-theorist?



List of the Useless

January 18, 2016

Eight Thousand Dissident Physicists

January 18, 2016

Many thanks, I will post this on my blog with your permission. There are so many dissidents that there is essentially no standard model of physics.”

This is indeed a very useful guide to the loonies out there. Another useful guide is the membership-list of the Natural Philosophy Alliance. We have mentioned both lists many times in the past. What amazes us, Ron, is that you are not on either list. What is wrong? Are you too loony, even for them, or are the membership fees too high?

Danger: Cranks at Work

January 13, 2016

New Energy World Symposium on June 21 in Stockholm, Sweden

January 13, 2016

Many thanks! This is an important initiative, and as many AIAS Fellows as possible are encouraged to attend and present papers such as UFT226 ff on LENR, UFT311 on the proof of ECE theory using the Osamu Ide circuit, UFT321, and so on. They can submit papers and posters and give demonstrations of apparatus.”

This presents one of those glorious opportunities to ‘out’, as loonies, those who appear to have unassailable scientific reputations or professional posts. The layman has to ‘go by’ such superficial ‘signals’ because he has no choice. It is when one looks at the other interests of the guilty parties that their reputations start to crumble. Let us look at just two of the speakers at this conference. First-up, Professor Brian Josephson: very much the person that Ron would have liked to have been. Born in Cardiff, Josephson is apparently the only person ever to receive a Nobel Prize for a discovery (the Josephson junction) which he made when still an undergraduate! On the basis of this, he essentially went from being a student, to being a professor at Cambridge, in one fell swoop. Perhaps because of this abrupt transition he did not experience enough of life to learn that there are some nefarious people ‘out there’, and remained a naive schoolboy in spirit. He is, for instance, convinced that telepathy and other paranormal phenomena are real, in spite of the fact that all of the ‘evidence’ is better explained in terms of fraud, wishful thinking  and experimental incompetence.  Also, he may know a lot about quantum mechanics, but does not seem so ‘hot’ on classical mechanics: when Laithwaite performed his fraudulent ‘antigravity gyroscope’ demonstrations at the Royal Institution, Josephson was inclined to believe him. Another speaker at the loony conference (inspired, do not forget, by the ‘work’ of a gentleman who has made over 50 court appearances in connection with an energy-related fraud) is J.F.Geneste of Airbus. One would like to think, would one not, that anyone in control at Airbus would have a firm grasp of Newton’s third law. So why has he applied for a patent on a propulsion device which contravenes that law? Does he know more about physics than anybody else … or considerably less. Think about this when you next fly in an Airbus product. Anyway, what initially looks (certainly to the layman) like ‘great minds’ supporting the ‘exploded hypothesis’ of cold-fusion (LENR) suddenly looks like nothing more than a bunch* of cranks supporting a convicted conman.

* Is there an accepted collective noun for cranks? The collective noun for ‘utter impossibilities’ is said to be faggot; but that might give our American readers the wrong impression. 

Nonsense Set in Aspic

January 13, 2016

Internet Archive Makes Trolls Redundant

January 12, 2016

Needless to say, the internet archives makes trolls redundant, as well as targets for police investigation.”

We are of course very pleased to see that everything is safely archived. Other crackpots, such as John Searl, have a habit of deleting their most outrageous lies, thus leaving us with only print-outs of the relevant pages. Ron, on the other hand, has carefully stored all of his defective mathematics and ridiculous statements; not to mention all of his trolling attacks on reputable scientists (Atkins, Hawking, etc.) and organisations such as CERN. Experts in abnormal psychology will also find the archives to be invaluable. 

“It has been clear to me for over a decade that AIAS publishing is far more powerful than any book publisher, all the material stands or falls on merit.”

How very true: it falls … precipitously!

“The result is that the equivalent of a thousand million printed pages of our work have been read or spidered since was first established in 2002 by Bob Gray of Biophan Inc. in New York State.”

It does not matter how many people read the nonsense, just so long as they do not mention it, cite it or build upon it (LOL) … and they don’t. Gray, by the way, is a former collaborator of the conman, John Searl (see for a handy link), and has applied for a patent on a propulsion device which is contrary to Newton’s third law. Needless to say, he is a crank in his own right,

“This has all been done by a small group of researchers and scholars. The impact of our combined sites blows away all rivals – commensurate small groups.”

For ‘researchers and scholars’ read ‘loonies and sciolists’. Fortunately, they have had no impact at all; even other factions in the lunatic fringe do not refer to them. We ourselves would ignore them … if it were not for the damage that the ringleader has done to the accolade of a Civil List Pension.

“The idea of merit has all but disappeared from universities to be replaced by a money making machine, and appointments by quota. No one knows why or how these appointments are made, or for what purpose. This is particularly true of Wales and Scotland,where the influx of monoglot students greatly harms the indigeneous culture, and destroys entire Welsh speaking communities. Website scientometrics ought to be used for jobs, promotions, grants and prizes. I have also been advocating this for well over a decade. The internet archives offer an alternative to universities for those who want to learn without coughing up huge fees. Welsh speaking Wales can fight back using the internet to teach and communicate in their ancient and brilliant tongue. Increasingly, Wales should become an entirely bilingual nation and completely indpendent. No one will be able to get a job of any responsibilty if the do not learn the language or oppose the existence of the language as many do in a completely illegal way.”

It is almost a pity that Ron’s motives are so base and transparent (one expects more subtlety from a supposedly intelligent person): the academic system recognized him as being a ‘wrong un’ years ago and froze him out. So, to him, the entire system is corrupt. He speaks Welsh, so the entire country’s values have to be twisted so as to make Welsh the ‘be all and end all’. The internet is the only place where crackpots can survive, and so the internet is deemed to be an educational resource (LOL). How long before he starts to suggest that non Welsh-speakers be forced to wear a yellow star?


The Shame of Wales

January 5, 2016

Application of ECE2 Theory

January 4, 2016

This is the key point of course, application of ECE2 theory to rigorously reproducible and repeatable new energy devices. ”

But there are no perpetual-motion devices, so you are merely acting as a shill for conmen. You are, in fact, an accessory to a crime if fraudulent devices are sold and you have backed them theoretically with your crackpot ideas.

“I agree with Dr. Horst Eckardt that there is nothing worse than applying theory to something that turns out to be artifact, i.e. spurious. This is why I waited a quarter century before applying theory to low energy nuclear reactors. ”

But there is nothing, in the perpetual-motion game, but artefact and outright fraud. Reality (and the law) will catch up (again) with Rossi.

“The tremendous and very bitter controversy seems to have come down on the side of LENR. ”

You might think that NASA’s awarding of funding to LENR is some sort of proof of viability. However, given NASA’s dire record, we take this to be clear proof of its incompetence.

“In order to convince the general public, LENR devices have to be in the shops and used at home with all despatch, otherwise people will lose interest.”

Good idea: the faster that the general public finds out that perpetual-motion machines do not work, the sooner Rossi will find himself in court (again).

“I discussed this with Jeff Rense on his Radio Show. ”

And you are really going to remind everybody of that act of stupidity?  For those who do not already know, let us remind them of what happened. At the end of 2014, your pet moron Michael ‘No Bubbles’ Jackson was interviewed by Rense. No Bubbles told Rense that Einstein had been installed in the Bern patent office, by ‘Big Oil’, in order to undermine the perpetual-motion efforts of Tesla. He also told Rense that Cartan and Einstein had – in effect – helped the Nazis to build their famous antigravity aircraft. You were also interviewed by Rense shortly afterwards, and you made no attempt to deny No Bubbles’ outrageous claims. This can mean only that you agree with them. But what sort of person is Rense?

‘Depraved’ is the word which springs most readily to mind. He is an antisemitic Holocaust-denier, just for starters. It turns out that the best that can be said for you is that you are nowhere near as stomach-churning as some of his other guests:

But why, Ron, is an employee of the Queen (according to your logic) associating with such an awful scumbag? Are the other members of your gang not revolted by being indirectly associated with Rense? Why not make 2016 the year in which you renounce your bad ways (and Civil-List pension) and re-enter the world of sanity? 

“The Baconian principles of reproducibility and repeatability should be familiar to every engineer. “

They are familiar to good engineers (but perhaps not to those who work for NASA); that is why your nonsense ideas are not cited by anybody but you and your gang, and why you have to fall back on your pseudo-scientometrics.

“UFT311 is the first paper to show that the ideas of ECE and ECE2 can be used to describe a precisely defined circuit by Osamu Ide whose details are all available. For the first time, devices taking energy from spacetime have been represented to a mainstream Royal Society of Chemistry conference at Tsukuba University, Japan, without a single objection. “

There are two possibilities here: either Ide pulled his old trick of calling his results ‘anomalous’ but falling short of claiming outright perpetual-motion OR the RSC is scientifically incompetent. After all, it recommended you – a depraved crackpot – as being a suitable recipient of a Civil-List pension. 

“The self charging inverter paper has been posted on “

As have your moronic reflections on the Bessler Wheel.

“So the key advance needed right away is organization by government and industry of large scale manufacture of LENR and spacetime devices. I have been advocating this for well over a decade. “

That would be delicious; the backlash from rational scientists would bring down any government guilty of such mismanagement, and the RSC would certainly lose the ‘R’. But is it really only a decade since your mental melt-down?

“I notice that obsolete dogmatists like ‘t Hooft still pour scorn and offensive sarcasm over the avant garde intellectuals, their favourite target being the capable Australian scholar Stephen Crothers. This attitude by people like ‘t Hooft does humankind much harm and he should be reigned in by his university administration. It is quite clear that he is being ignored by the colleagues.”

As far as real science is concerned, everybody is doing just fine. But one has to worry about the education of future scientists when scientifically-curious youngsters are exposed daily to an internet which abounds with loony-tunes such as yourself and Sam Spade. 

Unfortunately Alive and Well and Living in Belgium

January 4, 2016

Keshe Devices

January 4, 2016

Happy New year to Franklin Amador and Family! In my opinion an all out international effort is needed to effectively and quickly develop all kinds of devices such as this that take energy from spacetime. I met Franklin Amador at Craig y Nos Castle and he voluntarily typeset volumes of “Generally Covariant Unified Field Theory”, a great amount of work.”

So Ron adds yet another broken arrow to his quiver of perpetual-motion conmen. Leaving aside the long-dead ones, such as Bessler, he has praised Bearden, Valone, Searl, Johnson, Bedini, Hill, Ide … and now Keshe. The latter is Iranian, and claims to hold qualifications in nuclear engineering. In routine crackpot fashion, he has made applications for patents on perpetual-motion and antigravity devices. He refers to these patents as if they were scientific proof; a standard trick in the lunatic fringe. In fact, none of the patents were granted … and they have now been withdrawn. So this is yet another nail in the coffin of Ron’s scientific reputation, and another example of the manner in which he brings shame upon the accolade of Civil List pensioner.