Danger: Cranks at Work

New Energy World Symposium on June 21 in Stockholm, Sweden

January 13, 2016

Many thanks! This is an important initiative, and as many AIAS Fellows as possible are encouraged to attend and present papers such as UFT226 ff on LENR, UFT311 on the proof of ECE theory using the Osamu Ide circuit, UFT321, and so on. They can submit papers and posters and give demonstrations of apparatus.”

This presents one of those glorious opportunities to ‘out’, as loonies, those who appear to have unassailable scientific reputations or professional posts. The layman has to ‘go by’ such superficial ‘signals’ because he has no choice. It is when one looks at the other interests of the guilty parties that their reputations start to crumble. Let us look at just two of the speakers at this conference. First-up, Professor Brian Josephson: very much the person that Ron would have liked to have been. Born in Cardiff, Josephson is apparently the only person ever to receive a Nobel Prize for a discovery (the Josephson junction) which he made when still an undergraduate! On the basis of this, he essentially went from being a student, to being a professor at Cambridge, in one fell swoop. Perhaps because of this abrupt transition he did not experience enough of life to learn that there are some nefarious people ‘out there’, and remained a naive schoolboy in spirit. He is, for instance, convinced that telepathy and other paranormal phenomena are real, in spite of the fact that all of the ‘evidence’ is better explained in terms of fraud, wishful thinking  and experimental incompetence.  Also, he may know a lot about quantum mechanics, but does not seem so ‘hot’ on classical mechanics: when Laithwaite performed his fraudulent ‘antigravity gyroscope’ demonstrations at the Royal Institution, Josephson was inclined to believe him. Another speaker at the loony conference (inspired, do not forget, by the ‘work’ of a gentleman who has made over 50 court appearances in connection with an energy-related fraud) is J.F.Geneste of Airbus. One would like to think, would one not, that anyone in control at Airbus would have a firm grasp of Newton’s third law. So why has he applied for a patent on a propulsion device which contravenes that law? Does he know more about physics than anybody else … or considerably less. Think about this when you next fly in an Airbus product. Anyway, what initially looks (certainly to the layman) like ‘great minds’ supporting the ‘exploded hypothesis’ of cold-fusion (LENR) suddenly looks like nothing more than a bunch* of cranks supporting a convicted conman.

* Is there an accepted collective noun for cranks? The collective noun for ‘utter impossibilities’ is said to be faggot; but that might give our American readers the wrong impression. 


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