Funny, Because it is Untrue

Link to Osamu Ide Video on

January 20, 2016

Many thanks indeed!”

The document which Ide is seen brandishing near to the end of the video is Japanese Patent No. 5587691. There is also an English-language version, US Patent 8873262. These were both granted. They were granted because the applications made no claim that the device produced more energy than it consumed. Patent examiners are not the brightest people in the world, but they do not grant patents on perpetual-motion machines*. So, Ide is playing the same con-trick which he has been playing for many years (and which his hero, Edwin Gray, played before him): he obtains a patent on an unsurprising device, or pens a mundane scientific paper about the geegaw, and then tells the suckers/investors that it is a net source of energy. All that he has to do then is to add a demonstration, using meters which are unable to monitor the spiky output properly, and the stage is set to sucker the layman. 

*They are not so good at spotting inventions which produce movement-from-nowhere. That is why the Emdrive patent was granted, and how the UK Government was persuaded to fund an impossible invention.


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