Attempts to Stop Stephen Crothers Speaking

January 28, 2016

This is attempted censorship at work again, it cannot succeed, because Steve’s work is famous throughout the world of science. He has consistently and comprehensively out argued the dogmatists. Big bang and black hole theory are based on zero torsion, and are mathematical nonsense. The dogma of Einsteinian general relativity is being rejected by the best minds as it is taught, in all the best universities in the world.”

His ‘work’ consists merely of parading, again and again, his inability to understand the simplest solution of Einstein’s formulation of General Relativity. That is not ‘out-arguing’; that is merely the same as a child throwing a temper-tantrum in the hope that the adults will give in. Nobody cites your rubbish-papers either Ron. And if the E-Crap-E theory is being taught, where is the evidence? Why can you not name any of these ‘best minds’? Face the facts Ron: you are just a run-of-the-mill crank who is surrounded by other incompetent would-be physicists. The whole bunch of you are an insult to the concept of scientific research, and an embarrassing indictment of the poor judgement of British scientific societies. The only amusing aspect is to be found in those Russian instructions for applying for a visa: if ‘Sam Spade’ Crothers has no relevant affiliation (who on Earth would have him, even as a porter … or for a bet?) he is asked to insert ‘housekeeper’. We think that that would be far too exalted a position for someone of his intellect, and might raise suspicions!


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