Another Popular Crackpot Ploy

Mchelson Morley Experiment

February 2, 2016

This was widely discussed at Vigier One in Toronto in 1995, the result is now being questioned deeply, and not before time. The vacuum can be thought of as moving with respect to an electron at 0.068c.”

Well of course it was discussed at VJJgier; the latter attracts only crackpots, and the original MM experiment has always been a prime target (conveniently forgetting that it was repeated again-and-again to greater-and-greater accuracy, and is now a ‘student exercise’). Why are the MM experiment and Einstein so targeted by the lunatic fringe? It is very simple: crackpots want to ‘jump over the heads’ of real scientists and try to sell their ideas (and fraudulent devices) to the layman. In order to do that, they have to ‘latch on’ to the few personages and ideas which are known to said lay public in order to achieve instant ‘brand recognition’. It is a sleazy trick … all of their tricks are sleazy.


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