So Funny

Video of the Lecture by Doug Lindstrom

February 2, 2016

Agreed, this is an important lecture which opened the recent Coeur d’Alene New Energy Conference in Kootenai County, Idaho.”

… or is it? This imbecile talks about all of the familiar loony-tune icons, such as cold-fusion and ‘over-unity’ circuits, with a perfectly straight face. For instance, he mentions the ET3M racket as if it were real! Do we have to post again that photograph of the derelict building in a Mexican slum from where Alex Hill (of Beans) supposedly sells perpetual-motion machines to Fortune-50 companies? Does Lindy also subscribe to Hill-of-Bean’s belief that hydroelectric plants extract energy from gravity? We pointed out long ago that the audience-members at this conference passed the breaks by reading books about the occult and ‘aliens at the Pentagon’. Did Lindy really get paid by the Canadian government? Is that where Canadian tax-dollars go?  We always worry about the better (i.e. sane) candidates that he beat in order to get his government job in the first place. There are worrying signs that layman recruiters believe that candidates who have ‘out of the box’ ideas are more valuable. That philosophy might work for jobs in advertising and marketing: it is disastrous when applied to scientific fields. 



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