Eleven Years as Civil List Pensioner

February 5, 2016

Using the Wayback Machine ( in San Francisco it is seen that was archived just before I was appointed Civil List Pensioner by Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Tony Blair on February 29th 2005. At that point twenty six UFT papers had been completed, currently Horst Eckardt and I are working on UFT339. The blog had not yet been started, and there was no Omnia Opera, and no essays or broadcasts or poetry. From August to December 2005 the interest in rose very sharply. So if anyone wishes to write an accurate history of AIAS they have all the archives on the Wayback Machine.”

Let’s see now: a monarch who (as the Nazi regime did) supports the pseudoscience of homoeopathy, and a prime minister who started a war largely on the basis of information from Jane’s Defense Weekly (whose aviation editor wrote a gullible book about antigravity research). Yes, their judgement on scientific worth can certainly be trusted can it not? But the Royal-chartered homoeopathic hospitals are gradually disappearing, and Blair may well be deemed a war-criminal by a forthcoming inquiry report. So who knows what other decisions by this scientifically illiterate pair might be questioned? For now, what you should really concentrate on, Ron, is that date. Concentrate, now, Ron: the 29th February exists only in a leap-year. A leap-year must be even-numbered. The number, 2005, is not even. So what does that tell us, gorilla-Penny? Yes, that date never existed … just as your Civil List Pension should not exist. We have, in fact, pointed this fictitious date out before. Is that why you cannot correct it? Does every error that we point out have to stay on the books forever, so that it does not look as though you are obeying us? And don’t worry, we know someone who is making full use of the archives in order to put your ‘achievements’ in their proper context.


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