Creation Myth

339(7): Summary of Vacuum Particle Collision Processes

February 5, 2016

This is a short summary of the myriad of processes involving the newly discovered vacuum particle. It is assumed in this note that there is also a vacuum antiparticle, so the evolution of the universe is due fundamentally to the annihilation of vacuum particles and vacuum antparticles to give pairs of elementary particles and antiparticles. These evolve into stars, galaxies and planets. The reverse process involves annihilation of particles and antiparticles to give pairs of vacuum particles and antiparticles. The universe has no beginning and no end, these processes evolve infinitely.”

There is no ‘newly discovered vacuum particle’; you have merely posited such a particle. What you have to do now is to reconcile its supposed properties with every single one of the myriad pieces of observational data that are available, and show that it explains them better than do existing theories. Or are you, in traditional crackpot style, going to deny the validity of every single piece of data? 


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