Symbiosis in the Lunatic Fringe

Conservation of Energy and Momentum in ECE Special Relativity

February 8, 2016

The conservation of energy in this case is expressed through the hamiltonian of ECE2 special relativity, denoted H. This is a constant of motion. …  The transfer of H(vacuum) to H(matter) does not violate any law of physics. It is not “perpetual motion”. That is an absurd distortion put forward by dogmatists. No ethical scientist would put forward the idea. The transfer of H(vacuum) to H(matter) is what is meant by the vernacular “energy from the vacuum”. This should be blazingly obvious to an eleven year old pupil. I always refer to this transfer as “energy from spacetime”. The latter is Cartan geometry. Alexander Pope wrote that a little learning is a dangerous thing, and it is exceedingly dangerous to have no knowledge of physics at all. …  Any kind of rubbishy standard model idea can be hoisted on a general public that knows nothing about science at all. With all the schooling available to them now, completely free, there is no excuse to know nothing. In fact it is absurd to know nothing. It is well nigh impossible.”

The selling of pseudoscience (and fraudulent gadgets) has always followed the same pattern in the lunatic fringe: the street-level conman and the ‘respected academic’ working hand-in-hand. For instance, in the 19th century, a Scottish crook called Spence demonstrated a magnetic perpetual-motion machine which supposedly worked by intermittently placing a ‘magnetic shield’ between oscillating magnets. Of course, the very fact that this would constitute a perpetual-motion machine immediately tells the physicist that there can be no such thing as a (passive) magnetic shield. Nevertheless, David Brewster (one of the leading scientists of the day) wrote an academic paper about this machine and especially the properties of the magical magnetic shield. The editor of the (French) journal explained, in a disclaimer, that he was letting it through only because of Brewster’s reputation. Spence was eventually caught-out by a more worldly observer and Dircks (in Perpetuum Mobile) implies that Spence went on to ignominy and poverty. In fact, Spence became quite famous in Scotland and pioneered bicycle construction and prefabricated housing. But you see how the symbiosis works? Skeptical lay observers of the perpetual-motion machine are told that it has academic support at the highest level. Meanwhile, incredulous colleagues of the academic are told that copious experimental evidence exists. Neat, eh? In the 20th century, one notorious crackpot inventor was Bruce De Palma (brother of the film director). He touted the Sunburst Machine, a homopolar generator, as being ‘over-unity’. The homopolar generator/motor has long been a faithful workhorse (next to spiky induction devices) of the conman. This machine was vouched for by a Dr Robert Kincheloe, an emeritus professor of electrical engineering at Stanford. Electrical engineers tend to be flaky at the best of times but, in this case, emeritus could probably have best been spelled, s – e – n – i – l  – e. And now, in the 21st-century, we have Ron. Ron, who has attempted to twist the entire field of physics with the single aim of being able to ratify every perpetual-motion confidence trick that is currently being pulled: LENR, Ide’s fatuous device, Searl’s long-con, Bedini’s circuits, etc. Not to mention retroactive justification of the Bessler Wheel. So, full marks for keeping up this old tradition, Ron, but zero marks for academic probity. Any eleven-year old pupil can now spot this symbiotic pattern of aberrant behavior.



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