Pure Invention

Daily Report Sunday 7/2/16

February 9, 2016

The equivalent of 183,015 printed pages was downloaded during the day (667.274 megabytes) from 3103 downloaded memory files (hits) and 591 distinct visits each averaging 4.2 memory pages and 13 minutes,”

And how do you reconcile these fanciful figures with those given by the totally independent monitoring service, Alexa? According to the latter, the average number of page-views per visit to aias.us is just one, and the time spent on the site is too short to measure. Your blog does a little better, with 2.2 page-views per visit and a time of nearly 3 minutes. Our blog-visitors look at 4 pages per visit and stay on-site for over 8 minutes (the pages/visit data certainly agree with our own observations re our blog, so Alexa clearly knows what it is doing). Here is a suggestion, Ron, why not sleep longer in the mornings instead of getting up at 5am just to concoct your completely invented ‘scientometrics’.





Yeah, you know what we are talking about … 


12 Responses to “Pure Invention”

  1. An actual scientist Says:

    So today we have direct observational evidence of the existence not just of black holes, but a binary black hole system. And confirmation of a specific prediction made by General Relativity, further vindication of an already well tested theory. Crothers and Evans both proved wrong (again) in one fell swoop. Can we expect a retraction of their obviously incorrect ‘scholarship’?

  2. Layman Neighbour Says:

    As a Layman I was fascinated to see the UK news full of the facts about the binary black hole system. It has put the spotlight on this complicated science that lay persons (like me) do not understand. Can you Crackpotwatch in simple terms explain to the watching world on how Moron is now proved to be utterly wrong and has been totally wrong for years along with all his wrong friends. This needs to be presented to the British nation and UK Palace and UK Parliament that Moron is a deluded false scientist.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We must confess to being slightly conflicted over this announcement. To the layman, brought up on school science, it must seem ‘open and shut’ because teachers claim that the scientific method is hypothesize, experiment, fail: repeat cycle until ‘fail’ becomes ‘success’. Unfortunately, the last part commits a serious logical error of the syllogistic form, “all dogs have hair, Fido has hair, therefore Fido is a dog”. Nope, Fido could be a gorilla. Also, some of us remember Weber’s announcement of his discovery of gravitational waves, decades ago. We must also agree with Ron that the media distorts public perceptions. Physicists were baffled years ago when the media ‘went to town’ over Bose-Einstein condensates: to us, it was no big deal. Having handed that bone to Ron the dog, the fact remains of course that Ron is not part of science. It is a gestalt activity where the cut and thrust of contrary opinions hammers out the truth. He is scared to take part in this (he would be eaten alive), hides out in his cottage (and cottage-industry) institute, writing papers that nobody reads or quotes, and corresponding with a handful of similarly-minded cranks. His only (negative) impact is as a permanent insult to great scientists who received a Civil List Pension. BTW, any reader who is incensed by that fact might like to bring our blog to the attention of the powers-that-be (dblake@no10.x.gsi.gov.uk); we are too modest.

  3. LaymanNeighbour Says:

    Does this mean the end of Moron’s continuous deluded drivel? Of course not. Moron is correct and the whole world is wrong. That’s why Martin Caton ex MP and the ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Cabinet and the Queen of England’ Palace recognised him for a serious HONOUR. When will his personal AIAS University and his Professorship finally be recognised and all the other Scienitists in the world (excepting AIAS Academics) be publicly rubbished? You are getting nowhere Crackpotwatch. He is to Science what Mohammed Ali was to boxing – the greatest ever.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Quite. We are pinning our hopes on that forthcoming book, as nobody reads our blog any more than they read Ron’s. A book about engineers, employed by high-tech companies, who do not understand the simplest laws of physics will cause quite a stir, and an appendix about the general disrespect of science by politicians and the syndics of ‘scientific’ societies (as exemplified by Ron’s pension) will hammer the point home.

  4. LaymanNeighbour Says:

    Well said Crackpotwatch. The minute this long awaited “book” comes out, please tell us all. We can all then seek to pressurize our local County Librarians to acquire a copy for each County Reference Library. Then, when on the shelves we can simply point Journalists and Politicians to go and read whatever is said about Moron. Could the publisher afford a complimentary copy to be sent to the Honours Secretary at Buckingham Palace with a covering letter about Moron? What category library shelf should it be on?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      It seems that the author has many other demands on his time, but he is optimistic about finishing it soon; the problem is apparently having too much material rather than too little. Oh, there is also the concern of avoiding legal difficulties, so every claim has to be double-checked. The usual complimentary copies will certainly be put to good use.

  5. LaymanNeighbour Says:

    Please can you beg the Author and Publisher to donate a copy of this forthcoming Book of Revelations to:- The Swansea Library Service, C/O The Civic Centre, Swansea SA1, for Moron’s hometown neighbours to all get to read it in the Reference Section.
    Also send a review to the local Swansea Newspaper The South Wales Evening Post.

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      Noted. But it seems that the author is much in demand professionally at the moment, with employers on two continents vying for his attention, and this is holding things up.

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