Slide Set with Technical Appendix

February 9, 2016

The technical appendix looks fine. I assume that this talk will be given to discerning investors and funding agencies. In my opinion all these new devices should be manufactured and distributed free of charge with all despatch in an organized worldwide effort.”

So, what this badly-written piece of nonsensical propaganda says in essence is:

output > input = nonsense


output = input + magical Myron dust (a la J.M.Barrie)

is viable. Great, all that has to be done now is to prove that magical Myron dust (aka energy from spacetime) actually exists. In previous eras of perpetual-motion scamming, magical Myron dust was called magnetic energy, gravity energy, aether*, zero-point energy, etc.  One obviously cannot trust confidence-tricksters to confirm the existence of their own key evidence. So perhaps Siemens Stain and Bannister (we have not yet dreamed up a suitably derogatory nickname for him) should toddle along to the National Physical Laboratory or the National Bureau of Standards, taking their presentation and the various inventions, and see what happens. Until then, they should just stfu; lest they fall foul of the laws on deceptive advertising and investment fraud.

*The Trouton-Noble experiment, now seen as just another failed alternative attempt to detect the aether was not an austere academic exercise, and was performed mainly because Trouton, a leading British scientist, thought that he could make a pile of cash by using the aether to turn the windmill-like apparatus! Nothing new under the Sun, eh?


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