Ho Ho, That’s Rich!

23andMe Lab North Carolina

February 16, 2016

any thanks indeed, this is most generous and much appreciated! I will give them a few of my lines known from documents and ask if they can confirm them by DNA, to see if they can push back further. It looks as if they can now do mixed line analysis and they should be able to find whether the great Fleming and yourself have the same DNA pattern somewhere in the maze. The neanderthal analysis shows that they were not very different from us, we are called sapiens sapiens as you know, but I wonder where we are any wiser after many thousands of years. I regard genealogy as a strictly scholarly and scientific exercise. I do not much care whether my ancestors were labourers or kings.”

Do not much care whether your ancestors were labourers or kings? There is hardly any famous person in history to whom you have not claimed  a connection, including both Elizabeths, both antagonists in the English Civil War; not to mention many American presidents. It is quite obvious to everyone that your Napoleon complex results from a great inferiority complex, and that in turn masks a very fragile ego. It is clear that your only interest in genealogy is to link yourself to supposedly important people; your pretended scientific brilliance and success serve the same self-bolstering purpose. And your approach to genealogy is hardly ‘scientific’. If one wants to trace power and wealth, the spear line is indeed the way to go. But, if you stuck strictly to that line, you could claim only ancestors named Evans. There is also the big problem that the spear-line is only a ‘legal’ link; it is well known that the father named on the birth certificate is, dismayingly often, not the biological father. To be sure of tracing good inherited genes, one should follow the distaff-line alone. Really sloppy genealogists switch between spear and distaff lines, as and when they feel like it. Because of the incredibly dense network of cousins, this makes it easy to connect almost any two people; especially if they lived centuries apart. That is your method, and it is meaningless. This whole stupid affectation reminds us of the craze, back in the sixties, for past-life regression via hypnotism (one of the most famous of these conmen-hypnotists lived in Cardiff, by the way). It was amazing how many of the suckers had all been Queen Cleopatra (but never a street-level Nile whore) in a previous life. Finally, here is something which has been puzzling us for a long time: why has someone who suffers from such an obsession with ancestry made no attempt to produce any direct descendants? Why have you brought such an ‘illustrious’ line to an end? Historians will surely want to know.  

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