Day of the Jackal Technique

Obsolete Gravity Wave Theory

February 17, 2016

Many thanks, unfortunately my carrier does not highlight the link in blue so I cannot click on it. I am forwarding therefore to the group for comment if any. We all know that the Einstein theory is obsolete and thanks for this further discussion.”

What the morons do not know (or will not tell you) is that there is no corps of 1984-style Winston Smiths who go through the scientific literature and weed out all of the old discarded opinions and exploded hypotheses. This means that any pseudoscientist can fool the layman by digging up ideas (in high-quality peer-reviewed journals!) which were widely believed in their time but are now classed as mistaken, or pure pseudoscience. It is just as effective as the birth-certificate trick used in Forsyth’s novel. This worked because the birth of a new individual was clearly recorded but (in those days)  nobody linked it to the subsequent death certificate. Children who died at a young age were clearly not around to undermine anyone who stole their identity, and the pre-computer authorities had no easy way of detecting purloined birth certificates. Science, similarly, rarely makes a point of reporting the final death of an idea, no matter how ludicrous. Mischievous cranks can therefore  ‘pick and mix’ old scientific papers to ‘prove’ almost anything.  


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