… For You Shall Certainly Hang Separately

Idea of recording Essays

February 21, 2016

Anyone is welcome here any time, GJE and I were both students of Mansel Davies, along with Colin Reid. GJE has indeed been immensely helpful for forty two years (1974 to present), and is a well known scientist in his own right. I am ready to record essays here at any time if Robert Cheshire can deal with the technical side. The idea is to preserve history on the Wayback Machine (www.archive.org). I don’t think that there is any recording of Mansel Davies, I may be wrong, so that shows how things can be lost. In my view the recordings by Robert Cheshire are excellent, but Michael Jackson asked me to record in my own voice. I think that this is a good idea. As many ordinary people should be recorded as possible, because that will preserve dialects and small languages for the future.”

That is not a ‘death threat’, Ron; that is an allusion to a famous historical quotation. We are certainly all in favor of such an enterprise. The very fact that those concerned think that it is a good thing is, in itself, high comedy. Cynics might say that it is on a par with the leading Nazis spelling out their misdeeds in public … just before the trial? Hmm, perhaps No-Bubbles Jackson could use that theme and insert, into the presentation, the fact that the Nazis also believed in antigravity and perpetual-motion machines. After all, No-Bubbles already mentioned the former ‘fact’ (of Nazi flying saucers) in his interview with Rancid Rense: and you did not deny it, even though he also claimed that Einstein and Cartan had helped the Nazis. So all that he would have to add would be details of the Coler device; the Nazi perpetual-motion machine which is still very popular in the lunatic fringe. Indeed, you first mentioned it yourself on the 16th November 2007.  So, all speed with that project, but do not forget to disable comments … lest you find out what everyone really thinks of you. 


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