Pity that They Had the Other Evans as Well

Edgar Evans – A Gower Hero

February 21, 2016

Many thanks indeed! Edgar Evans was also one of my boyhood heroes. The fact that Scott reached the Pole at all was due entirely to Edgar Evans. The decision to drag the sleds manually was a mistake, and Scott’s logistics were not the best. For example the use of ponies and untried motor vehicles instead of dogs and expert dog handlers. Scott also ran into a lot of bad luck.”

Hidden behind a paywall (like most non-rubbish internet-available information), but one can get the gist,







One Response to “Pity that They Had the Other Evans as Well”

  1. LaymanNeighbour Says:

    Moron is so out of touch with reality that he does not know that a cousin of Edgar Evans, the late Mrs Davies of Glynderi, lived just a few miles from Evans’ dustbin cottage University! He is utterly deluded!

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