The Downside of Openmindedness

American Physical Society/LENR and Rydberg Phases

February 22, 2016

This is a major breakthrough for LENR, which is explained by UFT226 ff and the latest developments in ECE2, where the vacuum is seen to be made up of wave particles which transfer energy and momentum to elementary particles. The extra energy needed for LENR is contained in spacetime.”

This sort of thing must be very confusing to  the layman. Well, he will think, if the AIP is willing to hear about it, then it must be valid. Not so: major scientific and engineering organisations regularly allow loony papers and concepts to be aired at the conferences which they sponsor or report. They see it as being ‘open-minded’. One institute apparently does it because it is afraid for the lives of its staff: in the 1950s, a nutter whose work it had rejected, entered its offices and shot dead a secretary (because he could not find the real ‘culprits’). A very bad example of this: Searl’s scam has often been presented – as fact – to meetings of the American Institution of Aeronautics and Astronautics. For several years, the 7 leading American engineering societies regularly got together to discuss aspects of energy production and use. A section was usually set aside for the crackpots leading, for example, to a paper being published which bore the imprint of the American Chemical Society and yet was all about the author’s idiotic alchemical theories. ‘Dr’ Bearden (former AIAS member and inventor of the MEG perpetual-motion machine which was ‘explained’ by Ron and his friends) turned up one year with the promise of demonstrating antigravity during his lecture. This failed because a vital component burned out.  The ‘component’ was an ordinary light-bulb! So, this naive policy of allowing loonies to present their nonsense in an ostensibly reputable forum makes it very difficult for science-teachers, and critics of pseudoscience, to inform the general public properly.


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