Just Noticed This …

A square-torsion modification of Einstein-Cartan theory, S. Vignolo, L. Fabbri and C. Stornaiolo. Annalen der Physik, Vol. 524, 2012, p.826

In the present paper a theory of gravity is considered in which not only curvature but also torsion is explicitly present in the Lagrangian, both with their own coupling constant. In particular, the couplings to Dirac fields and spin fluids are discussed: in the case of Dirac fields, it is discussed how the Dirac self-interactions depend on the coupling constant as a parameter that may even make these non-linearities manifest at subatomic scales, showing different applications according to the value of the parameter assigned; in the case of spin fluids, FLRW cosmological models arising from the proposed theory are discussed.

Isn’t it funny how real scientists can include torsion in their theories without coming to the conclusion that it explains perpetual-motion and antigravity. What a pity that you cannot read it Ron, but real science is hidden behind paywalls. You know the old saying Ron, “what doesn’t cost anything isn’t worth anything”. So keep up the open-access efforts


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