Why Ron Hates ‘t Hooft

Between 2003 and 2005, the former Journal “Foundations of Physics Letters”* (now subsumed into Foundations of Physics) has accepted and published a series of 15 papers by M.W. Evans. A partial list of these papers is given below … Together they would form a book that was intended to unleash a revolutionary paradigm switch in theoretical physics, rendering well-established results of quantum field theory and general relativity, including the Standard Model, superstring theory, and much of cosmology, obsolete. The magic word is ECE (Einstein-Cartan-Evans) theory, and the theory is claimed to have ignited frantic activities on the Internet. In fact however, these activities have remained limited to personal web pages and are absent from the standard electronic archives, while no reference to ECE theory can be spotted in any of the peer reviewed scientific journals. This issue of Foundations of Physics now publishes three papers (G.W. Bruhn, F.W. Hehl, and F.W. Hehl and Y.N. Obukhov) that critically analyse the ECE theory and its claims. M.W. Evans has declined the invitation to respond, referring to his web pages, http://atomicprecision.com. Taking into account the findings of Bruhn, Hehl and Obukhhov, the discussion on ECE theory in the journal Foundations of Physics will be concluded herewith unless very good arguments are presented to resume the matter.

G.’t Hooft, Foundations of Physics, Vol. 38, 2008

*The editor of ‘Letters’, Van der Merwe, was sacked for letting too many loony papers (in addition to Ron’s) get published. This is the same guy who declared Ron’s work to be paradigm-shifting. Science is self-correcting.

Note: the best thing that one can say about Van der Merwe is that he is no way as bad as Mohammed El Naschie. The latter was the editor of a journal which was an imprint of a very respectable publisher, but he abused his position and inserted hundreds of loony papers of his own. His most despicable act was to photoshop a well-attended beach-party, thrown for ‘t Hooft, in order to make it look as if he (El Nasty) was huddling with just 2 or 3 Nobel prize-winners. One just cannot make this stuff up! One does not need to!



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