Lying in Wait

Discussion of Some Ideas for Development of UFT341

February 25, 2016

Many thanks. I think that one of the first aims should be to try to explain the experimentally well known light deflection by gravitation in terms of gravitons and photons. In this view an oscillating mass M for example becomes a radiating source of gravitons, off which photons scatter. So photons in a light beam are deflected by the mass M. Oscillating mass radiates gravitational waves and gravitons in the same way as oscillating charge radiates electromagnetic waves and photons.”

In fact, there is a big difference between the emission of electromagnetic radiation by a moving charge, and the emission of gravitational radiation by a moving mass*. Ron and his bunch of amateurs obviously do not know this. And we are not going to correct them. It will more fun to watch them pile (as they always do) more vast confections of nonsense on top of their initial ignorance.

*Some years ago an article on gravitational radiation in that awful rag New Scientist made that error in the very first sentence! So much for ‘science writers’.


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