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Differing Levels of Academic Depravity

March 28, 2016

A respected Professor (genuine) of Chemistry (real experiments, not mere mathematical modelling) at Manchester University (a real academic entity, not someone’s cottage) recently resigned because it had been discovered that he had been starring in hard-core pornographic films.  Some may call that depravity on his part, but he was very good at his day-job (and pretty expert at his hobby) and did nothing to besmirch academic standards and intellectual honesty.  How unlike the home-life of our own dear Ron, whose every written word, utterance and continued existence as a Civil-List pensioner is an affront to proper scientific mores. Rather than educating students in good scientific practice, as ‘Old Nick’ did, Ron has done untold damage to any scientifically inquiring minds that come upon (no pun intended) his pseudoscientific twaddle, and has diminished even more the ever-shrinking public understanding of science. There is only one level of depravity below Ron’s, and that is occupied by the likes of ex-Professor (materials science), Dr Judy Wood (the great whore of pseudoscience), who says that the twin-towers were brought down by a death-ray.  


F- for French

March 26, 2016

All Books Doing very Well

March 26, 2016

Now that I have worked out how to calculate the number of books read from the downloaded storage, I can see clearly that all the books and papers, articles and so on posted on and are doing very well, in English and Spanish. So congratulations to all authors. “En resiste a l’invasion des armees, en ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees” (Victor Hugo, “History of a Crime”). “The invasion of armies can be resisted, one cannot resist the invasion of ideas”. This is usually translated as “One cannot stop the march of ideas”.

It is ‘on’ Ron, not ‘en’. Can you not get anything right? We shall overlook the missing diacritical marks.

Religious Note

March 25, 2016

Greetings on Easter Day from the Co President, Gareth Evans

March 25, 2016

I first met Gareth Evans on a visit from Oxford in 1974 when his Ph. D. under Mansel Davies was stalled, and the attached shows his list of Fellowships and awards, which include the Mathews Prize for best first year undergraduate results.”

Most theologians consider ‘easter day’ to be the Sunday following Good Friday. We are surprised to find that such a Renaissance Man does not know that. Or have you, with your armiger status, decreed otherwise?

“Great Men are Necessarily Evil Men” Acton

March 21, 2016

FOR POSTING: realtion to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President

March 20, 2016

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was my ancestral cousin, he was descended from my direct ancestor King Tewdwr Mawr ap Cadell, (born 997), Brenin Deau Cymru (King of Southern Wales). Roosevelt was also descended from John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, whose great grandson Sir Henry Stradling, Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, married my ancestral cousin Elsbeth ferch William ap Thomas of Raglan Castle (sometimes known as Elizabeth Herbert (born 1427)). She is not to be confused with my ancestral cousin Elizabeth Herbert (born 1476) who was married to Charles Somerset, Earl of Worcester (born 1460) also descended from John of Gaunt.”

But that means that you are also related (using the cousin-trick) to George W Bush and Winston Churchill. Hmm, Churchill: son of a syphilitic father and a mother who whored herself to get juicy posts for her son … which he then royally screwed up, causing many deaths (Gallipoli). Gee, Ron, why do you want to be associated with such people? Do/did any of them even speak Welsh?

PS:  Our writer-friend points out that there is another connection between Ron and Churchill. It is a little-known fact that Churchill proposed his own idea for a death-ray. It was infantile: essentially an unshielded nuclear reactor at the breech-end of a cannon. The previous incumbent of the ‘craigcefnparc-crackpot’ post was of course ‘death-ray’ Grindell-Matthews. Just before he died in 1941, he claimed that the government was making ‘overtures’ to him (after rightly dismissing him as a crook in 1925). Who knows? Winston ‘action-this-day’ Churchill was very fond of crackpots. He favoured the building of aircraft carriers out of sawdust-ice composites. When he sent their inventor, Pyke, to the USA Pyke was so arrogant (like all crackpots) that he came close to alienating Vannevar Bush, the head of wartime US research! 

How’s It Going? #1

March 20, 2016

“Forty One Essays on Youtube

Many thanks indeed to Michael Jackson! This is tremendous help and most generous. As soon as Steve and I fix up the recording apparatus here I will begin recording a lot more material, and will dig up some more photographs.”

Well, the most viewed video at the moment is Essay 38, with 29 views. If everybody had watched the whole video, that would have amounted to well over 3 hours in all. In fact, the total viewing time is 13 minutes, and the average viewing time is 37 seconds. Oh, and there are 6 down-thumbs and no up-thumbs. Those thousands of fans of yours had better make their presence felt very quickly, Ron, or it will look as though you are lying through your teeth about your ‘success’.

Don’t Forget the Fourth One

March 19, 2016

My Three World Records

March 19, 2016

These are the youngest D. Sc. under modern rules; the greatest number of distinguished post doctoral fellowships in open international competition, and the most prolific chemical physicist in history. These are not likely ever to be broken.”

… and the most undeserving recipient of a Civil List Pension in history!  Of course, that one will be expunged if we have anything to do with it.

Four Reliable Measures

March 17, 2016

There are now four reliable measures of Ron’s ‘success’ which can be used to counter his contrived and meaningless ‘scientometrics’. It is clear that the latter merely reflect internet ‘white noise’ and are utterly meaningless. Meanwhile there is Google Scholar, which shows that nobody but Ron and his gang cites his nonsense-physics. Scopus indicates even fewer citations, because Scopus has higher standards than Google as to what constitutes a scientific source of citations. Unfortunately, Scopus is hidden behind a pay-wall. The third measuring system has just been set up by Ron himself; literally making a rod for his own back. This system consists of his dozens of boring and tendentious YouTube videos. Some guidance is needed to get the best from these. Firstly, in order to make them more fun, increase the speed of the playback to make them even less intelligible … but rather more amusing. More importantly, press the button marked ‘More’ below the video. This brings up the statistics. Ron and his gang need not waste their time on trying to make the video look more popular, by repeatedly viewing it for just a second, because the statistics show the total and average times for which the video has been watched. The thumbs also cannot be manipulated unless one has access to umpteen different IPAs. The point is, of course, that all of those supposed thousands of visitors to Ron’s blog will be aware of the existence of the videos and, being such fans of ECE, they will rush to watch and applaud Ron’s work. One can therefore look forward to seeing hundreds of thumbs-up rather than the few thumbs-down which exist at present. When these fail to materialize, that fact will naturally confirm that there are in fact no followers.  What is the fourth measure? Well, this again is one that Ron set up himself months ago and daily shows  – in numerous ways – that nobody  takes any interest in him or his activities. We are keeping the nature of this measure secret because, the longer that it takes Ron to spot it, the more devastating the revelation will be. Finally, get voting on those videos!     

Merde! Il Ne Reculait Que Pour Mieux Sauter

March 14, 2016

Forty One Essays on Youtube

March 14, 2016

Many thanks indeed to Michael Jackson! This is tremendous help and most generous. As soon as Steve and I fix up the recording apparatus here I will begin recording a lot more material, and will dig up some more photographs. The ECE theory is as accepted now as any theory, one cannot stop the march of ideas. The standard model looks like a lead sieve trying to float on hydrogen. Also many thanks once more for your vitally important blog back up work.”

Even more videos, just as deceptive and boring. Comments will be blocked of course, but one can still award thumbs-down. Let us see how many thumbs there will be altogether. With all of those thousands of supposed followers, the numbers should be huge. Did not think that through, did you Ron?

Limping Towards the Light

March 13, 2016


March 12, 2016

In ECE2 theory the graviton plays the role of photon in electromagnetism, so it is the spin one boson that mediates gravitational attraction, for example the gravitational attraction of two masses. In exact analogy two charges of opposite sign attract, and an oscillating charge (e.g. a spark or transmitter) radiates the electromagnetic field, which quantizes into photons. The photon itself has no charge, but it has mass because of the B(3) field. So an oscillating mass in ECE2 radiates a gravitational field, which quantizes into gravitons with mass. There is gravitational dipole radiation, gravitational quadrupole radiation and so on, exactly as in electromagnetism. If there is an oscillating negative charge (transmitter), located a metre from a receiver, the two charges attract, but at the same time the transmitter radiates. The complete process obeys the laws of conservation of energy / momentum and charge current density.”

Yes, Ron, one can have a dipole source of gravitational radiation. And one can imagine two closely-spaced masses radiating. But what other condition do we know that those masses would have to satisfy? Think about it.

Analysis of UFT25 on Google Scholar

March 13, 2016

Analysis of UFT25 on

March 13, 2016

In the eleven months from April 2015 to February 2016, 398,712 printed pages of the paper were downloaded The paper is fifteen pages long, A4 single spaced, so a conversion of one printed page = 3.646 kilobytes was used. So the paper was read 26,581 times in eleven months. For combined sites it was read 42,530 times in eleven months, which is 46,396 times a year. It was written in 2004, so from 2004 to 2016 it has been read 510,350 times, about half a MILLION times.”

It has been cited only twice … by Ron. When Ron cited it in the crackpot Journal of New Energy, it was in turn cited 35 times: mainly by Ron and gang-member Amador, plus one extraneous loony (whose paper of course remains uncited). The proof of the pudding is in the eating, Ron. Making daily listings of ‘internet noise’ is no proof of anything. Why would your followers remain so quiet? You claim that they are scared but, at the same time, you claim that your crackpot theory is now the accepted one. Your story just does not hold water, does it?