Spring into Action, Sheriff

Open Letter to Byron Davies M. P. for Gower cc Opposition Gower

March 4, 2016


As Armiger I have been working with the police for years to bring some order into the chaotic traffic conditions in Mawr. Cars are parked randomnly on pavements and I have never seen a traffic warden. At the request of the police I have been logging traffic offences on Rhyddwen Road, especially the problem of parking right on the junction with Mountain Road, and directly opposite. This is a regular double dashed line junction. The two offences this week involve KVH VMX”

You may have hit pay-dirt there, Ron. If that is the correct (UK) registration number, then the vehicle does not appear to be ‘legal’ (or is so old that certain regulations do not apply).  

Thanks to the South Wales Police

March 6, 2016

Many thanks to the South Wales police for getting KV11 VMX to move in incident number 954 of 3/3/16 and reference 1600074563 of 4/3/16.”

Note added, 6th March.

Well well, what happened there Ron? Was that due to poor eyesight,  your famous dyslexia or just pure sloppiness over details?


2 Responses to “Spring into Action, Sheriff”

  1. LaymanNeighbour Says:

    I see this week that Moron claims to still be in contact with a sheister, like himself, called Arthur Turner Thomas who is the only UK current false claimant to a Victoria Cross Medal. The Palace should be informed. Write to HM Queen, Buckingham Palace LONDON SW1 asking for Moron to be struck of the Queen’s Pension list. What says you Crackpotwatch and your readers?

    • crackpotwatch Says:

      We noted this long ago, and then the newspapers somehow got hold of it. Nothing much happened. When we last checked, there was another false claimant on the list. Surprisingly, such false claims (military awards, knighthoods, lordships, etc.) are not illegal unless it is done as part of a crime.

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