Stephen (Sam Spade) Crothers ‘The Scholar’ LOL

LIGO Rebutted by Crothers

March 9, 2016

This is an important new paper by the scholar Stephen Crothers. There is no basis whatsoever for any of the twentieth century concepts built on the erroneous Einstein theory, because the latter is built on a fundamentally erroneous geometry. This conclusion has swept the world of science.”

It seems almost superfluous to point out that vixra* is the crackpot-version of arXiv, the academic-run open-access pre-publication website. It is perhaps less superfluous to point out that the Hadronic Journal is one of the oldest surviving crackpot-friendly ‘academic’ publications and was founded by the loony, Santilli. Ron seems to have forgotten his previous connections with Santilli. In the ‘good old days’ there was:

but then came,

He is a ‘professor’ at his own fake ‘institute’, just like Ron at his. In fact, Ron was once made an honorary ‘professor’ at Santilli’s fake institute, but everybody seems to have forgotten that.

And here is the ‘great man’ himself.





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