Why Bother?

Daily Report will Resume Tomorrow

March 9, 2016

I am “one day ahead” in the usual early morning report because the stats arrive here about mid morning and are reported early the following morning. The feedback is ultra important in trying to persuade the powers that be to stop wasting our tax payers’ money on ideas that are complete rubbish. There is a vast, silent college of colleagues who completely reject the totalitariansim of the dogmatists – the Ministry of Truth. They are wisely silent because they will be subjected to harassment of they speak out. They would probably land up losing their jobs. Such is the real nature of our society, and it is dangerously unhealthy. Very close to Orwell in “Animal Farm” and “1984”.”

It is quite obvious that the ‘stats’ are nothing more than internet ‘white noise’ and are absolutely meaningless. It does not count as ‘feedback’ if you do not know who the people are, or what their opinions might be. The only waste of tax-payer’s money at issue here is your Civil List Pension. There is no ‘vast silent college’; there is a non-existent one. No matter how cowed you claim its members to be, there is nothing to stop them from inundating you with congratulatory e-mails, nothing to stop them from favorably reviewing the Penderghastly biography (or your other ‘scrap paper’), nothing to stop them from ‘correcting’ the universally bad reviews of that biography and nothing to stop them from posting anonymous laudatory videos on YouTube (as Searl fans do). Our own monitoring method (and the fact that even you have still not spotted it doubly reinforces our point) shows that nobody – except we skeptics and your loony gang-members – takes the slightest interest in your rantings. We know who the chief Orwellian pig is, and so does everybody else.    


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