Lamentable State of the Civil-List Pseudoscientist

Lamentable State of Standard Physics

March 11, 2016


Pleasure! Your work is famous throughout the scientific world for its integrity, so the zealots have been utterly routed.”

This pseudoscientific clown brings shame upon the accolade on a daily basis. He does this by ticking every box required for the career loony-tune: (a) Is Einstein wrong? Yes (and I don’t demur when my mate Michael Jackson tells people that Einstein was a tool of the Rockefellers and also helped the Nazis to build antigravity machines). (b) Is perpetual-motion (e.g. Bessler Wheel, Bedini, Searl, Bearden and Johnson devices, cold-fusion/LENR, etc.) possible? Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. (c) Is antigravity possible? Of course, the Levitron is an antigravity device (my mate Kellum says so). Also, my other mate, John Searl, built 41 flying-saucers which were then rendered invisible and sent into space so as not to be a menace to world peace. (d) Do you believe in crank cancer cures? Yes, I even broke the law (being an unqualified person) by writing an open-letter, backing the Priore scam, and sending it to a stooge of my mate, ‘Dr’ (degree-mill) Bearden.   Please do the decent thing, Ron. Or do the other decent thing, and resign.

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