No, No, No …

Checking 342(3) : Light Deflection by a Gas of Massive Gravitons

March 11, 2016

Many thanks for this check, much appreciated as usual. The theory is at a stage where a systematic application can be made of ECE2 to gravitation. In this theory an oscillating mass radiates gravitons in the same way as an oscillating charge radiates photons (radiation theory). So the atoms and molecules inside any mass radiate gravitons.”

Jeez, General Relativity-101, Ron: an oscillating mass cannot be a source of gravitational radiation. We knew that you would fall into that trap. Until you can appreciate why that is so, you should give up all pretensions to being capable of correcting everybody else. Here is another clue for the ‘hard-of-thinking’: what exactly is making the mass oscillate? Do you even begin to see a glimmer of where the problem is? Perhaps you could ask your fellow Fellows. Oh dear, that will not work; they are even more pig-ignorant about physics than you are.


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